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The Best Dating Advice For Women

There are thousands of magazines, blogs, shows, and books all dedicated to helping women with the dating game. Most of these publications end up flat out contradicting each other which leads women to be confused and at a loss about what advice to trust. Look no further ladies! As veterans in this field, and after doing our fair amount of research, we have compiled the best dating advice for women that you will ever read.

1. Men communicate differently than women.

Communication scholars have published research over and over again for decades that prove this communication phenomenon. Here’s the deal: men are task-oriented beings, and so is their communication. What does this mean? They look at communication as a means to solve something, to fix something, to set up plans. Women are exactly the opposite. They love to talk about just about anything, and they see communicating about relationships and love as a crucial and necessary component to dating. This naturally causes an issue when a woman wants their man to be more “lovey lovey” or more verbal with their affection. Men are there thinking; I don’t want to talk about our relationship unless something is wrong while women think something is wrong if we don’t talk about our relationship. So ladies, keep this in mind from now on. It’s not his fault- it’s just the way men are.

2. Don’t think you can change him.

Women sadly fall into the trap that they think that they can change a man to become “boyfriend material” or mold them to become their perfect match. This is never the case ladies; you will never have positive consequences come of this. The bottom line is if you’re not happy with the full person that the man you’re seeing is, deal with it or move on. You’re totally wasting your time trying to change him.

3. Put yourself first.

Women are natural caregivers and often fall into the habit of pleasing everyone around them. While this might benefit others, it often means that the woman forgets to take care of herself. Women try so hard to please their men that sometimes as a result, they get walked all over and allow themselves to be treated like crap. This is a bad pattern that happens more frequently the more you do it. Solution? Constantly check in with yourself to self-reflect and see if you’re truly feeling valued, healthy, and happy. If not, take a step further and figure out what is causing that. If it’s your relationship, fix it and change your way of doing things.

4. Ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do.

The age-old saying “Words speak louder than words” is famous for a reason: it’s true, and it works. Men are known for always making empty promises and coming up with insane explanations and excuses. Stop letting this slide and instead, take his actions as the actual determination of whether or not you should move forward or dump his butt.  Ready to find your next boyfriend?  Head over to and download the #1 rated new dating app for free!