User's Guide

RockOn! – User’s Guide

The main screen first screen you should see will be the one above. The following is a description of the items on the screen: ObjectDescriptionSpace Station (harmonica)The space station in the middle of the screen represents your harmonica. Note there are 10 “laser turrets”, just as there are 10 holes on a standard diatonic harmonica. The turret on top represents a “blow” and the bottom a “draw” note. The laser above is a 4 blow (or +4 in tablature terminology). Notice the space station is surrounded by a thin gray line.

This is to indicate the range of your laser beam. Shoot at the closest target first to stay in sync with the music.AsteroidsThe are your targets, the bigger the asteroid the longer you have to fire to destroy. Larger asteroids correspond with longer notes.UFOSimilar to an asteroid, however, you should bend the note to play the note properly. You will notice they tend to come from below.UFO/Asteroid icon (bottom-left)This meter shows you how many targets (notes) you have left to shoot. Mini-space station (bottom-right)This shows you your shield strength. The music meter (top-right)Shows you how much music is left to be played.

Note this is slightly different than targets left, as there may be more music, but no more targets or harmonica notes to play. Music Folder (left-most side of the toolbar)Allows you to load another (midi) song to play. RockOn! is quite particular about the midi file has to be loaded. It must meet the following criteria: A track must be marked as harmonica track must have a half measure buffer must be in the key of C major must be monophonic (one note at a time)

(Although it is possible to create a song to work with RockOn!, your typical midi file will not typically be too easy to convert. Midi files built by hand, not from instrument input, will work more readily). Tune Settings See information replay (icon)Starts the gameplay pause (icon)Pauses game playStop (icon)Stopes game playback selection (next to stop button)There are a few different modes for playing the music Music – Plays all music tracks (or “instruments)”Harmonica Track –

Plays only the parts of the music corresponding to the harmonica.No Harmonica – Plays all other instruments other than the harmonica Music – Plays no tracks (silence).Note: You cannot “win” if the harmonica track is playing. This is due to the fact that you can simply feedback the playing music into the microphone (try it, it’s pretty cool). So, select No harmonica, or NoRecord (icon) (on/off)Off (with ‘x’) – Causes the laser to fire automatically (w/o ‘x’) – Enables gameplay using a harmonica to control the firing of the lasers. Note: You cannot “win” (or lose) a game while in auto mode. This is for a training exercise. Tempo Control (slider control)Controls the speed at which asteroids fall. Left is slow, right is quick.Info – (‘i’) (icon)Shows the about box, and more important the registration information. Help – (‘?’) (icon)Should bring you here.