Singing In The Shower

Go From Singing In The Shower, To Singing On A Stage!

If you think back on what you wanted to be when you were little, the odds are that you probably wanted to be famous. Most people have aspirations about wanting to be famous or on TV which is probably due to the phenomena that are the increase of competition shows like American Idol and The Voice… both of which are centered around singing and music.

If you’ve ever been to any karaoke night, you’ve undoubtedly seen some people living out their greatest fantasy on a tiny stage. While it’s usually uncomfortable to watch because of second-hand embarrassment, but every once in a while you’ll go to an open mic where you’ll watch someone perform who won’t be half bad!

Do you want to be that person? Regardless if it’s your dream to tear up a small stage at a coffee shop on every second Friday night for open mic or headline Coachella, you can do it.

Being a musician is hard, but if you even have a shred of talent you can plant that seed, and it can grow! All you have to do is practice.

That’s where we come in! This blog is run by Sarah and Sandra. We’re musical siblings who want to share our wealth of knowledge about music (as we both are music teachers)! So I hope you enjoy our blog and maybe you’ll learn something along the way!