4 Different Ways to Have Casual Sex

4 Different Ways to Have Casual Sex

There are so many different kinds of sexual relationships that a man and a woman can have with each other. They range from one extreme to the other – from a committed monogamous relationship to a sexless friendship.

Many think terms like “casual sex” and “sexual hookup” mean “one-night stand.” However, this greatly oversimplifies the nature of casual sex in the modern world. In reality, casual sex comes in a variety of flavors.

Booty Call.

This is sex with a friend-with-benefits or a stranger that’s arranged via a phone call or text message made after 11 p.m.—usually, because there are no better prospects and/or you’ve been drinking. The only way that booty calls meaningfully differ from one-night stands is in the frequency with which hookups occur. However, booty calls who repeat their encounters with a great frequency usually develop some degree of intimacy and may go on to become something more.

Friends With Benefits.

Unlike F-buddies, who have a friendship that develops out of sex, FWB consists of a pre-existing friendship that turns into a sexual relationship. The FWB relationship has little to no expectations of commitment attached to it, and it always involves sex. Sex is a big part of being friends with benefits, but so is the fun, social aspect, don’t forget.

One Night Stand.

Also known as “hit it and quit it.” This involves a one-time sexual encounter in which there is no personal disclosure, relationship communication, or friendship. There is no expectation of anything beyond one night, sounds easy, right?

Comfort Sex.

That one person you always end up going back to, asking to come over late at night, yeah that’s your comfort sex buddy. A bad day at work, a terrible breakup, a tragic pet death are all excellent reasons to have comfortable sex. I’m warning you, while it may feel good at the moment, comfort sex, like comfort food, will usually make you feel worse after it’s all said and done. Sometimes a pint of Ben & Jerry’s will do the trick.

No matter what type of sex – always remember to be safe!

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