Dating Tips

6 Best Dating Tips For Men

Dating is weird, to say the least. Let’s face it, when it comes to meeting the next Mr or Ms. Right, we could all do with a little help, especially the guys, am I, right girls? Guys here is how to score the ‘one.’

Be True to Yourself.

Present yourself as the same person online and offline. Women are pleasantly surprised to meet a man who acts like he says he acts. Trust is necessary and starts with being honest about superficial things (i.e. height, appearance, age, interests, etc.).

Obviously, be a Gentleman.

Treat a woman the way you’d like a man to treat your sister, daughter or someone you care about; this means dating responsibly. Be a man of your word. Be well-mannered, courteous, and respectful in your words, behaviors, and actions. Treat her how you would want to be treated, times ten.

Don’t make her ask you out.

Be the one to ask her out first. Though women lead every day in their professional lives, many of us prefer men to still make the first move romantically. If you’re interested in her, ask her out. Whatever you do, do not be creepy about it. For example, do not say “ Hey sexy, I love the way your body looks” in your first message to her.

Be Thoughtful.

Always show consideration and care to a woman’s feelings, even if you don’t mean it. Have you ever heard of, “fake it till you make it?” A woman of worth must feel connected to a man to keep a positive momentum going. When a woman doesn’t hear from you between dates, we get annoyed, and that can only lead to no good. We need and crave attention, so give it to her.


What you place your attention on becomes important in your life. Keep track of the amount of time and energy you spend working, with the amount of time you are with you your friends, dating, etc. The bottom line, dating takes time, effort, and energy. Balance your life so that you’re able to work well, date well, and spend time with friends. When your life is in balance, life flows better.

Be Patient.

Simply to put it… When it comes to get started with adult dating, patience is a virtue.