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Bendometer Software Harmonica Tab Tuner
Bendometer Playing System Harmonica software uses mic to teach how to play bends, overblows, and even songs in harmonica tab format. Learn tips and analyze songs as well.

1000’s of Registered Users, and now 1000’s of tab files!

Bendometer Software Harmonica Tab Tuner
Song Libraries  Centralized libraries of songs keeps the song list updated. HarpTabs.com library now integrated. Visual Playing System  Makes it easy to see proper bending technique. Easy to transcribe music, you know which hole you are on!
Song Analysis Use Bendometer P.S. to analyze your favorite harmonica riffs and passages. Just play music into your microphone. Automatic
Software Updates
Software automatically updates itself with latest features as soon as they are available.
Harp Tab support Supports songs in standard harmonica “tab” (tablature) format. Bendometer listens until you get the correct note, and highlights the next note for you on the harmonica! “Tip Jar” Gives specific tips on how to use Bendometer P.S., as well as general harmonica playing tips.
Online Help Links to updated on-line help on this site. Mobile Version
Bendometer Mobile version now available for Android mobile devices!
Any Java OS
Now supports any OS running Java (Windows, Linux, etc.) Tab View –  Shows tab in a separate window, but with a “follow me” feature (highlights notes to play). Now with bend support.
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